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IC-Visual Lab (ICVL) is an independent cultural organisation based in Bristol (UK). We create projects that bring together communities to explore overlooked issues that matter to them through collaborations with leading artists, photographers and writers. We believe in the power of stories; to foster a shared sense of belonging, to critically examine the world we live in, as well as to imagine other possible futures and advocate for change.

Our projects are grounded by the following principles:

  • To use creative arts as a tool for telling stories, asking questions about how we live together today.
  • To create carefully-held spaces where those who live side-by-side yet often have little opportunity to engage with one another can share their experiences, building greater understanding and inclusion.
  • To create a platform where those who are often excluded from public conversations can both speak and be heard.
  • To develop high-quality, innovative and creative work that can be presented to a wide audience beyond those initially involved in the project.
  • To imagine each project as a space for alternative pedagogy, carefully supporting the ongoing learning of all involved.
  • To democratise the production of culture.

Our organization is structured in two lines of work:

  • A public programme of collaborative projects working in collaboration with community groups, arts & heritage institutions and educational organizations.
  • A creative design and curatorial studio where we collaborate with artists, collectives, organizations, institutions or companies to produce bespoke and innovative outcomes such as publications, exhibitions, websites, site-specific installations, branding...
    We do sometimes publish our own titles as well as producing the outcomes from our public programme.
    A percentage of our studio profits is reinvested in our public programme.

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IC-Visual Lab is co-directed by founder Alejandro Acín and Ben GJ Thomas.

If you are interested in discussing an idea with us please contact us at info@icvl.co.uk and we will get in touch with you.

IC Visual Lab is a “Certified Social Enterprise”.

From December 2020, IC Visual Lab has signed up a three-year partnership with the University of the West of England to provide opportunities and live briefs for BA and MA photography students. 

IC Visual Lab studio space is located in St Pauls's Settlement 74-80 City Rd, Bristol BS2 8UH.

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