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IC Visual Lab has been running workshops, talks, courses and collaborative projects over the last 5 years and now we are very excited to offer a long-term learning environment. This is a new programme of courses for people interested in exploring the photographic medium to communicate ideas, emotions or stories. Our teaching method combines lectures and practice with a focus in exploring the creative process. We are counting on a great team of tutors and collaborators that will contribute to this programme with artists talks, field trips, reviews...
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A new direction for the ‘starter photography course’ which aims to broaden teaching from purely technical aspects to explore photographic history, practices, and ideas through practical and participatory dynamics.
A subjective and energetic approach to the medium.

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This ‘STARTER’ course is designed as an introduction to photographic language, techniques and tools. Participants will learn how to creatively use the camera, developing a personal language and acquiring technical and expressive tools. We use a dynamic and participatory pedagogic method, showing historical and contemporary photography authors and discussions about the medium. This is a course where photography is studied and made in ways challenging the status-quo, while being open to the medium’s many possibilities. 

During these 12 sessions, participants will be given a foundation in the history of photography, instruction on photographic camera and techniques, aesthetics and approaches to contemporary photography as well as delivering various practical assignments to start thinking of your own interests and visual language. The course is structured in four thematic blocks: time, space, light and focus showing how different practitioners use these elements in creative ways. 

Participants will learn to use and understand aperture, shutter speed, exposure and the use of light alongside its creative uses. We will expand the understanding of light, our raw material, discussing types of lighting, colour temperature, exposure modes, light meters...as well as learning about the different lenses, filters, colour and composition.

Regarding post-production, participants will learn the basic digital tools and workflow to organise and edit your images understanding colour correction, saturation, contrast and brightness.

At the end of this course you will have acquired a basic knowledge of photographic techniques and tools to start the development of your personal work as well as a good visual background to extend your visual research and thinking. You will be introduced to a set of new creative strategies and ideas that will help and challenge you in the creation of series and sequences that communicate ideas, stories or emotions.

This course is aimed at anyone interested in photography as an expresive language. People who would like to get the most from their camera and learn about the many way of seeing. No previous experience is required (although it can serve as a refresher too). This course is the perfect space for anyone who has an enthusiasim about photography and wants to develop it further experimenting and taking creative risks.

Ideally participants should be able to access a camera and computer to deliver course exercises. If you haven’t got access to a camera or computer but you are still interested in this course, please get in touch so we can find an alternative. 
The sessions will be held every Tuesday from 6pm to 8.30pm at IC Visual Lab headquarters at Docklands studios in St. Pauls. 74-80 City Road, Bristol BS2 8UH. 

The first session will be on the 6th of October 2020. If these days don’t work for you but you are interested, please drop us an email so we can find an alternative. 

This is a 36 hours course structured in 12 sessions of 2.5 hours. The total cost of the course is £360 but you will be able to pay this in 3 monthly instalments. Plus a 6h day-out. Date TBC

To book your place in this course, please send an email to
info@icvl.co.uk and write RAWCLASS in the subject. We will provide you with all the payment details. 

The course capacity is limited to 7 places + 1 schoolarship.

Team & Partners
IC Visual Lab counts on a great team of tutors and collaborators who will contribute to this course with artists talks, field trips and reviews. 

Tutor: Alejandro Acín
Contributors: Julián Barón, Isaac Blease, Daniel Bosworth, Sebastian Bruno, Peter Finnemore, Chris Hoare, Camila Kevorkian, Amak Mahmoodian, Giya Makondo-Wills, Lua Ribeira, Clementine Schneidermann...

IC Visual Lab is pleased to offer a scholarship to anyone living in Bristol and who is currently unemployed or earning minimum wage. The scholarship will cover the entire course fee (£360). If you are interested in applying for this, please send us a letter of interest of 500 words to info@icvl.co.uk

Deadline: 30 September Midnight.

We will announce our final decision on the 3 October 2020. 

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