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IC‐Visual  Lab  is  a Community Interest Company based  in  Bristol (UK) with an artistic orientation towards the social. We apply collaborative and participatory methodologies in the production and dissemination of visual artworks. Our activities are designed alongside these lines of work:

Education / Mentorship

Creating accessible and informal education spaces to discuss the role of images in today’s world through talks, workshops, symposiums and exhibitions. Our aim is to support  the  development of the visual arts across all approaches and for all audiences with a particular interest in photography, film, archives, publications and transmedia projects. We have also collaborated with various educational institutions, independent organizations and festivals in China, UK, Italy, Nepal and Spain. 

Design / Publishing / Curation / Production

In 2016 we launched ICVL Studio, a creative space specialised in the design and production of printed and digital matter. From the conceptualization, to the design or the final stages of production and distribution, working alongside a group of talented contributors, we collaborate with artists, organizations and institutions to produce a wide range of visual outcomes such as installations, publications or websites.


IC Visual Lab functions as a producer of experimental situations. We are interested in supporting initiatives  that aim to overturn the traditional relationship between the art object, the artist and the audience. The context becomes an essential part of the activity where the resulted work is circulated, an important consideration that will affect the interpretation of the work.

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Print Space

If you are interested in discussing an idea with us please contact us at info@icvl.co.uk and we will get in touch with you.

From December 2020, IC Visual Lab has signed up a three-year partnership with the University of the West of England to provide opportunities and live briefs for BA and MA photography students. 

IC Visual Lab studio space is located in St Pauls's Settlement 74-80 City Rd, Bristol BS2 8UH.

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