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Talk by Victoria Jenkins

26th March 2015

7pm (Open doors 6pm)


at IC-Visual Lab


Victoria’s talk will be around her interest in the threshold between the known and unknown world and how this has informed her practice both through her research and references but also uncertainty as a tool for making art.

Victoria Jenkins received her MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art (2013), and her BA with First Class Honours in Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton (2009). Jenkins’ black and white photographs examine the notion of scientific methodology, and how our metaphorical or visual attempts to understand its theories contribute to our interpretation and misinterpretation of the world. Jenkins’ work has recently been featured in Arrive and Likewise Depart at the Sonce Alexander Gallery,Fresh Faced and Wide Eyed at The Photographers Gallery, and Proposition for an Infinite Garden at the Government Art Collection (all 2014). In 2012, Jenkins was selected for the European Schools Photography Award, followed by the Fine Art Bursary from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2013. She also won the S.A.M. Foundation Award (2010), and received an honourable mention from the Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward 2010. She has also appeared in the publications The White Review (2014) 9213: Celebrating 21 Years of Photography at the University of Brighton, Waving Flags (2013) Conveyor Magazine (2012) and the British Journal of Photography (2010). Jenkins also works as a visiting lecturer and assistant curator at the Tate Gallery Archive.  Her first solo exhibition will be taking place at CABIN Galley, April 2015.

Images from her series ‘You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.’,  ‘Images from the Institute of Esoteric Research.’ and ‘As If It Were.’

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