PBLabs#9 review ‘Design By Victoria’
For PBLabs#9 we wanted to invite a guest who was not a photographer, but who definitely knew all about the photobook.
”Victoria Forrest studied design at the Royal Academy of Art in London, and what we were treated to was evidence that the level of design experience and expertise gained from this, then as part of SMITH design, PERVASIVE media studio and now as freelance, can instill a discipline that many photographers just don’t have”
Taking us through the whole process of photobook production, from paper types, (for example if you want the images to pop out of the page and they’re mainly dark, try glossy paper, as seen in the fantastic KARMA by Oscar Monzón). We also heard about page layout, how to mix bad photo’s with good to make a story really work…(bad photograph? print small in the page, good photograph? why not full bleed?) onto why Italy has become the go to place for photobook printing. It’s not that we can’t print well in the UK, it just happens to be 3 times more expensive here!
But this is just a snippet of the talk, where we also heard about grids, golden rules, cover design, book size, format, typeface and much more besides. The first PBLabs where we had an insiders take on the more technical aspects of book design & publishing and it was all invaluable information!
Towards the end, Victoria showed us an i-pad app that’s she’s developing with Leonie Hampton. We had a good discussion on the future of photobook publishing and I personally think this was the first time that interactive Applications, as a digital format, became an exciting proposition! (again we mention Oscar Monzón’s KARMA now available as an i-pad app)
So all in all a great way to lead up to PBLabs#10, the photoBook Bristol weekend 6-8th June. We cannot wait!
Until next time…!
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The PBLabs technicians.