Here they are!! Some pictures from our first Photobook Labs . This is the inventory from the PBLabs Nº 1. PBLabs Nº1 inventory.The English Sunrise. Tony Evans
Polaroids. Walker Evans
L’Algerie. Dirk Alvermann
Voyages. Depardon
Paloma al aire. Ricardo Cases
How Terry Likes Coffee. Florian van Roekel
Faces of our time. A.Sender
Grim Street. Mark Cohen
The afronauts. Cristina De Middel
Gamorra Girl. Valerio Ornella Spada
The Heath. Andy Jessica SewellAs a result of our first PBLabs, RRB (Photobook distributor based in Bristol) is offering special discounts for PBLabs participants, we really appreciate this opportunity that Rudi has offered us.Next year PBLabs will be carrying on its activities, exciting events are coming, the first meeting was really inspiring. We will post more info soon.
We have been involved with books for over 40 years, as antiquarian booksellers, publishers, and more recently, with Photobooks.This site highlights some of the Photobooks which we like. Though most of these titles are no longer available from the publishers, they are all new. They reflect our areas of interest.

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