bombardierderbygb2013openforbusinesscmarkpowermagnumphotos_jpg_360x240_q85Photo: Mark Power

Open for Business is the story of contemporary British manufacturing and industry told through the lens of nine internationally renowned documentary photographers.

Through eye-opening photography and film footage, Open for Business celebrates the resilience of British industry and reveals the daily struggle at a human level as businesses attempt to cut costs, streamline processes and level up to international competition. The project captures British manufacturing’s effect on regional culture and community life, and celebrates the work, activities and lives of its employees.

MShed Museum has commissioned IC-Visual Lab to develop a series of activities as part of Open for Business (Produced by Multistory in collaboration with Magnum Photos):


From the Hartley collection. Industrial & Maritime Archives at MShed Museum (Bristol)



A project coordinated by Alejandro Acín in collaboration with IC-Visual Lab, University of Bristol and Mshed Museum to design and produce a handmade photobook using the photographs held at the Industrial & Maritime Archives, Bristol Record Office and family archives.  The publication will be inspired by the Langford’s Company History Pamphlet collection.

2 Open Days will be hosted at the MShed where local residents can bring old photographs and memorabilia, related to this theme, to be digitised in a mobile studio.

OPEN DAYS14th May 2015 & 6th June 2015. From 10am to 4pm at MShed Museum MORE INFO SOON.


Photo: Jenny Hardy



On the 23rd of May, MShed, Photo Bristol, Second Look and IC-Visual are putting together an open day for photography in the city entitled PHOTO SHED. IC-Visual Lab is curating a selection of multimedia pieces from national and international artists under the theme of Open For Business. We would like you to freely interpret the idea of business and work environments as creatively as possible.

Although there are no formal image guidelines we would like each multimedia piece to have some form of story or theme in order for the event to be as thought-provoking as possible.

We will try and include as many submissions as possible within the time frame of the event.

LENGTH: Completed slideshows should be no more than five minutes long.

DEADLINE:  1st of May 2015 Midnight GTM (International Workers Day)

THEME: Open for business. We are looking for photography and multimedia works around the idea of business and work environments. From conceptual works of business behaviour

VIDEO FILE FORMAT: .avi, .mpeg or .mov .


INFO: Please include your full name, any credits and a brief statement about your work.

SCREENING: 23rd of May at MShed Bristol Museum 7pm GTM