Old Market Diaries is a participatory project delivered by IC Visual Lab. Through a series of free workshops we have given multimedia training local residents  that has enabled them to use these new skills to record the life of the community as it is now but also as it changes in the future.

Old Market has been selected for this project as it’s one of Bristol’s fastest growing communities with residents originating from over forty different countries. Yet, Old Market, with its changing worlds and its connected histories, hasn’t ever had its stories told.

Via the interventions of the IC Visual Lab collective of photographers and local participants Old Market Diaries has been working as a catalyst to construct an archive of personal and local histories that enables and enhances greater community cohesion, both within the local community itself but also within greater Bristol as a whole.

Our aim is to create a living archive of Old Market where the photographs and stories from our participants will be updated as well as the work of IC-Visual Lab members. The idea is gathering the current visual imaginary of the area that will be updated with new content.


ICVL will celebrate Old Market Diaries project setting up a special event IN COMMON, a community day around photography where there will be a wide range of activities such us talks, screenings…

For more information, please visit OLD MARKET DIARIES


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