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Even though it has been a super busy 2014, here at IC-Visual Lab we still feel we have enough energy to think about projects for next year!

So we have devised a new collaborative program: THIS IS NOT A GALLERY. It is an initiative where we would like to use our Bristol space to exhibit finalised projects, or those still in progress.

We are aware that our space is not a proper gallery…. But we absolutely make the most of it and think it is a great place to be creative and set up unique installations. Our space is alive: we host talks, hold workshops, have a bookshop, desks spaces, portfolio reviews… There are always creative people around and we are eager to see new and exciting work here.

What’s the deal?

The deal is very simple. We are looking for people who would like to use our space for a period of one month to show photographic work in an exciting way.

We like good ideas – people who think out of the box: we don’t like formalities so experimental installs / site-specific installations are preferred.  The work should be produced, printed or framed (if that is needed) by you.

In particular we are looking for individuals / collectives who can incorporate a micro-fundraising element in their proposal; for example –holding their own workshop, creating a zine-for-sale, a limited edition poster or auction. IC-Visual Lab has not got the capacity to cover expenses as THIS IS NOT A GALLERY.

Hiring/Promotion costs

We are asking a fee of £150 per selected project to cover the running cost of this programme. With this fee we will promote you as well as cover the rent of the space.

It can be shared between a group of people so you can have two shows in one month, but you can also run a talk, an auction, a workshop to fundraise the money; you can produce a catalogue or a special poster and sell it. Any money you generate after covering the IC-Visual Lab fee will be for you. We want to encourage individuals / collectives who will make the most of a central location to create and show work that generates it’s own momentum and buzz. You will also receive a mentor session with us to find a viable plan.


The deadline to submit your proposal is the 15th of February 2015 Midnight GMT.

Once we received all the proposals IC-Visual Lab will select a number of participants.

An introductory meeting with the selected participants will be hosted on the 25th of February to discuss the details of each proposal. If you are not based in Bristol but you would like to be involved we can also have a Skype conversation.

What do you need to submit?

Maximum of two A4 pages with your proposal containing title, description, potential dates, examples of the work (web links, pdfs, videos…) and personal/collective short biography.

What makes our space ideal for THIS IS NOT A GALLERY?

We are very close to the city centre, on the second floor of a large building. We have done really well with our talks and workshops but its not obvious we are here – we like word of mouth. It works!

The lighting is not amazing, but it’s alright.

Our regular openings are Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. We are also open during days when we host a talk or a workshop. If you want to open on more days for your project we can discuss it as soon as you commit yourself.

As you know IC-Visual Lab is an independent non-profit organisation, self-funded by its members as well as through our regular programme of events and workshops. If you like the way we do things and want to get involved in this opportunity we would love to hear from you.

Please send your proposals to info(at)  and don’t hesitate to ask any other question you might have.