Here we go –  one more year, with enough energy to continue our regular programme of activities and projects. However,  2016 brought us some substantial changes that will affect our organisation and the way we will be doing things in the short-term.

We are very sad to say we have to move out from our current building due to the decision of our landlord to turn it into flats. This is probably a consequence of the gentrification process going on in this area of Bristol (Old Market) which we have witnessed during the last year –  same old story really. We have had an extraordinary time with the best company such as Stacy Kranitz, Nicolo Degeorgis, Victoria Forrest, Max Pinkers, Victoria Jenkins, Alec Soth, Laura El Tantawy, Peter Mitchell, Ken Grant, Carolyn Drake, David Goldblatt, Jonathan Shaw, Lewis Bush and Kazuma Obara. A wide range of unique and original workshops included Bookmaking with Guy Begbie, Creative Lighting Studio with Daniel Bosworth, Making Books with AKINA Factory, Portrait with Kirsty Mackay, Propaganda and Collage with Lewis Bush, Digital Storytelling with Alejandro Acin and Self-Publishing with Colin Pantall, Nicolo Degeorgis, Carolyn Drake and Rudi Thoemmes. We also had exhibitions with international authors such as Daniel Mayrit, Lewis Bush, Colin Pantall, Amak Mahmoodian, Daniel Bosworth, Stephan Ruiz, Anthony Luvera, Zanele Muholi, Sydnay Banks and the collective Impulse to…. and colleges and university groups visiting and working with us.  Thanks all of you for being part of this experience. Looking back makes me feel excited and confident about finding a future home where we can continue the discussion, promotion and production of contemporary photography.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported and helped us in keeping this space alive, especially our main sponsor RRB Photobooks for helping us run the SECOND FLOOR bookshop (unfortunately it will be closed due to the new space limitations); our contributors, studio residents, volunteers and members. Thanks again – it wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

But it’s not all bad news! From February we are going to be based temporarily at the PRSC (People’s Republic of Stokes Croft) building where will be using their fantastic facilities to carry on with our programme of events, exhibitions and workshops. We will also collaborate with other organisations and institutions to deliver a series of events, exhibitions, commissions… Let’s say we are going to be a balloon organisation until we find a new home to replicate the same model we had before. Because we believe in this as our medium – long term project. If you have any ideas, drop us a line.

Check the activities and projects we are involved in the next couple of months –  we would love to see you around.


Alejandro Acin
IC Visual Lab CIC Director