16th April 2015 7pm (Doors open 6pm)



“Who and why makes photography books in Russia?”

Documentary photographer and artist Jana Romanova started to self-publish her own photography books in Russia in 2012 at the time when interest to photobooks only started to appear in the country with only few people actually working in this field. During the talk Jana will tell the short history of self-published contemporary Russian photobooks and the way they are connected and disconnected from the world’s tendencies and market, and if there is any “special way” of making and developing photobooks in Russia.


Jana Romanova is a documentary photographer, based in Saint-Petersburg. She was born in 1984 in Russia, and got a degree in journalism from Saint-Petersburg State University. Currently she works with photography and video to define and question our core values surrounding identity, investigating our understanding of nationality, family, relationships and sense of community, focusing on the territory of post-Soviet countries.
Her long-term documentary projects were selected for a number of international exhibitions and festivals such as Encontros da Imagem (Braga, Portugal), the Backlight Festival (Tampere, Finland), Encuentros Abietros Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina) “Perchance to Dream” at Andrea Meislin Gallery (New York, USA), “New Saint-Petersburg” at Nieuw Dakota Gallery (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), etc. She got several prizes and honorable mentions in photography all over the world.

Jana Romanova is a co-founder of «Expert Photobook Review» project, a youtube channel that offers an alternative look on photobook reviews, inviting experts from various fields and industries, not related to photography, but connected with author’s ideas and intentions, to “read” the photobook and review it from their professional point of view.