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Jillian Roberts + Emma Jane Whitton + Meg Ferguson + Joana Pereira + Katja Angeli

14th Nov to 4th Dec

Private view 13th Nov 7pm

at IC Visual Lab


Faded carpet, ceiling tiles, wood chipped walls and the building’s obsolete buttons give clues to the previous inhabitants office environment. Switches and florescent lighting create a gap between a loss of function and the idea of progress, like a photograph the building has stillness and a residue of a previous idea or place. Impulse to… takes the space and its connotations as a starting point to create a new narrative that investigates transitions within time. 

A collective of MA/MPhil students in printmaking have proposed to create an exhibition that investigates how photography has shaped our their current practices. Through that, we hope to explore wider concerns, such as how the photographic image – both conceptually and materially – affects our notion of the present, our relationship between virtual and physical, and our understanding of surfaces, textures and the haptic.