“GHOST STORIES: Working from collections” exhibition is now open at Bristol Archives until January 11th.

Thanks everyone involved, especially Federico Clavarino for leading the group.

Pic from Amak Mahmoodian’s installation, False teeth.

GHOST STORIES, a workshop lead by Federico Clavarino and IC-Visual Lab as part of ACTIVATING THE ARCHIVE programme in collaboration with Bristol Archives and supported by the Arts Council of England.

”Every object that comes to us from the past is some kind of fossil, like an insect trapped in amber, the silent witness of something that happened. Every object is like a haunted house, inhabited by invisible presences that try to speak to us in some forgotten language.” Federico Clavarino.

Participants to this workshop were invited to interact with one specific object or photograph from the British Empire and Commonwealth collection held at Bristol Archives.

This was the starting point of a photographic adventure which will end with an exhibition in December at Bristol archives.

Thanks Federico Clavarino for your generosity and to all the participants (Amak, Lua, Grace, Leon, Gus, Samar, Alvaro and Michael) for your energy and enthusiasm, you all made it an incredible experience.