Ibolya Feher IC-Visual Lab co-founder will be exhibiting in the ‘Discontinued’ show at the Searchers

Contemporary Gallery this weekend.

The forthcoming exhibition ‘Discontinued’ is curated by a group of Bristol based photographers. It is
their second Fine Art photography show and will be held from 23th February till 2nd March, providing
an open and hospitable abode for the work of emerging artists in The Searchers contemporary gallery
at 14 St Michaels Hill in Bristol.

The show will display selected works of recent graduates and current photography students from
the University of the West of England. Following their first exhibition ‘MONO-C’ last autumn in the
Bristol Arts Quarter on Christmas Steps, the group of upcoming artists continues to pursue their aim of
endorsing contemporary photography by obtaining consistent exhibiting opportunities of the previous
and unseen work.

Once captured, a moment loses its connection with time, continuing to exist autonomously as a
photograph – with “no before or after: it represents only the moment of its own making.” (Graham
Clarke) ‘Discontinued’ explores and reveals narratives behind the near and recognizable as well as the
distant and unacquainted. Unlike the previous monochrome exhibition, ‘Discontinued’ will introduce
colour work – choosing the different subject matter from still life and portrait to landscape, each
pursuing their own individual style, all photographers reflect the quiet stillness of the surrounding world
expressed in the subtle tonality of imagery.

The exhibition will include the work of Ibolya Feher from her series ‘Sisters of Sclerder’, which won
the South West Graduate Photography prize in 2011 and the work of Philip Shannon from the
project ‘Hunters’, which was selected for the South West Graduate Photography Prize in 2012.

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