We would like to thank everybody for coming along to IN COMMON last Thursday. A good mix of local residents, photographers, students and curious people who created a cosy environment at The Empire Theatre.

Jim’s talk was insightful and thought-provoking, talking about the place that someone can occupy in this world. As he said ”Photography is merely a tool that helps us to communicate with other people and their realities.” ”Everybody has a story to tell, look at the person on your side and ask him/her, you will be surprised”. Jim Mortram was an exceptional guest for IN COMMON, our audience would have been asking questions all the night, that’s what these events are for.

After the talk, we screened the works of our Old Market Diaries’ participants, a series of multimedia stories told by local residents. It was amazing to see the final pieces after 4months of work. Well done guys!!

A final screening curated by IC Visual Lab and Erica McDonald offered to the audience the opportunity of watching 15 stories around the theme IN COMMON. Fantastic journey through different realities in US, the UK, Spain, China, Russia, the Orinoco Delta… Thanks to all the photographers who submitted work and to those who have been finally selected. These works will be uploaded to DEVELOP TUBE, a visual online archive run by Erica McDonald.

All of this combined with homemade food and music.

One more time, thanks to all our volunteers, contributors, sponsors, local community groups and participants as the succeed of this event wouldn’t be possible without your support.

We’ve still got some of the zines which will be possible to get them online. More info soon!

IC-Visual Team

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