Tomorrow IC-Visual Lab will be taking part in the program of BEGIRA Photofestival (Basque Country). We will be curating a selection of multimedia works from our IC participants.

Our line up will be:

Pierfrancesco Celada – I wish I new your name, Japan
Supay Photos – Borde
Evgenia Arbugaeva – Tiksi
Deanna Dickeman – Leaving and waving
Jordi Ruiz Cicera – Menonos
Jim Mortram – Small Town Inertia
Jim Naughten – Re-Enactors

Thanks to the participants for your collaboration.
Please you can check all the information on its website.

The rest of the nights are really interesting too. Our friends of BlankPaper Escuela will curate a selection of their students, GuatePhoto Festival will put a selection of its featured authors but also there will be a collection of Chilean Photographers (It is a Chilean week for us)

More info here:

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