IC Visual Lab is pleased to announce its new initiative entitled, Activating the archive. Running for six-months, this programme of events will explore the many ways artists use archives within their practice, activating them to create new interpretations and discourses in an artistic manner.


From The Cage workshop with Julian Barón.




IC Visual Lab, will be delivering a series of workshops led by international and local artists run in conjunction with our project partners; Creative Youth Network, University of West England, and Acción Cultural Española. These are aimed at both young artists (aged 18-24), and practitioners looking to further develop their careers. More information regarding these workshops will be released soon, however, in the meantime please read here about our recent workshop: The Cage – Reimagining the Housing Crisis, led by Spanish artist Julian Baron.


Beijing Silvermine by Thomas Sauvin.


Talks & Symposium


Over the course of this programme, a number of leading international artists will be invited to give talks on their practices. Also, a one-day symposium will be held in May at the Arnolfini, which will initiate a conversation around the possibilities of visual archives. We already have exciting guests lined up, so please stay tuned for more information soon.



From the Bristish Empire and Commonwealth collection.



Multimedia installation – Alone with Empire


Alone with Empire, is a 1-1 art experience combining photographs, film and sound from the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection (BECC) in a curated environment at the Vestibules space, Bristol City Hall. Working with our project partner Bristol Archives, this will be the first large-scale artistic commission using BECC material. Through this installation we aim to increase the visibility of an internationally important collection, within the city of Bristol, whilst also touching upon many current discussions around the city and its history. More information to come soon.



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