IC‐Visual  Lab  is  an  independent  photography  organisation based  in  Bristol, focussing  on  the education  and  promotion  of  contemporary  photography.  Its  remit  is  to  support  the  development  of photographic practice across all approaches and for all audiences. In 2016 it launched ICVL Studio, a dedicated collective specialising in production, publishing, multimedia, archive management and curating.

ORIGINAL FOUNDERS: Andrew Jackson / Ibolya Feher / Alejandro Acin

DIRECTOR: Alejandro Acin

CONTRIBUTORS: Daniel Bosworth /Colin Pantall / Amak Mahmoodian / Maider Dominguez / Francesca Cronan / Tom Roche / Isaac Blease


ICVL Equality principles


ICVL believes in having an organisation:

1. Where equality and diversity are central principles

We will work:

2. To prevent discrimination, harassment and victimisation happening during ICVL events, or in communications, meetings or discussions relating to ICVL events (including workshops, lectures and meetings)

We will:

3. Provide access to complaint should discrimination, harassment or victimisation occur. If you have been experienced any of the issues mentioned above during any of our activities, please contact Maider Dominguez (ICVL Equality and Diversity Officer) at maideretete@gmail.com

4. Prioritise any complaints during ICVL meetings and share our findings with other organisations our findings should the need arise.