An evening with Lina Hashim and Amak Mahmoodian

28th April 2016 7pm

Entry Fee £4 / £2 for ICVL members.

at Bristol Students Union (Richmond House)

Queens Road

BS8 1LN Bristol


IC-Visual Lab is very excited to present a new event in collaboration with Ffotogallery and the University of Bristol.

Bi-Nam, it’s a photography exhibition curated by Amak Mahmoodian (More info below) as part of the closure event we are organising a talk with the Danish-Iraqui artist Lina Hashim who will also be in conversation with the artist and curator of the exhibition Amak Mahmoodian.




At the core of Lina Hashim’s artistic project lies an urge to investigate, rationalize and document the arbitrariness of the way the Quran is being interpreted today using what she describes as a method best understood as historical anthropology: Do the words and dogmas of the Quran make sense in a modern context? She firmly states that she is a Muslim as she believes in Islam, but she doesn’t practise. Lina takes on the role of detective as she traces, observes and photographs the “unlawful meetings” as she entitles the illicit encounters of Muslim couples who meet in secrecy often in parking lots situated near the waterfront. In 2013, she began ‘’No wind, with hijab’’, photographing women’s hair, normally hidden from public view under a hijab, a scarf that covers her head, concealing her hair in public. Lina is photographing the women from behind, against the white background, which stands as a symbol of their purity, cleanliness and innocence, she separates the girl’s hair, making her anonymous and the action is no longer a sin.

A conversation between Amak Mahmoodian and Lina Hashim will take place at the end of the event. Both artists use their art projects to explore and negotiate her female identity by not opposing Islamic dogmas, but respectfully and insistently question the validity of it. In all their work continues to confront her own inner concerns regarding Islam, using photography as a means of raising her own questions and concerns.


Bi-Nam Exhibition opens on the 9th April to 29th of April.

Featuring 9 contemporary Iranian photographers: Raz Golestani, Hadise Hosaini, Mehregan Kazemi, Amak Mahmoodian, Sharare Mossavi, Raoofe Roostami, Mohsen Shahmardi, Arya Tabandepoor, Mohsen Yazdipoor. The photographic and video content of the exhibition explores the cultural and social life of modern Iran, with an emphasis on religion, gender and identity. Using a structure that evokes the classic Middle Eastern collection of stories One Thousand and One Nights, Bi Nam explores the subtleties of everyday life in contemporary Iran and specific codes of conduct that influence a person’s mood, behaviour, relationships and sense of self. There is an undertone of sadness and longing, but also one of beauty, love and devotion. Amak Mahmoodian, one of the participating artists and the exhibition curator, describes the exhibition as ‘quiet thoughts from modest photographers for whom the essence of culture is in the display of their works’.

Admission / FREE