10 to 10: Community Photo-Shoot event aims to bring together and actively engage the local community in a fun activity using photography. The event is designed to encourage locals and the wider Bristol community to explore and document Old Market Quarter, bringing attention to the area by building a live photo archive.

The event will take place on Thursday 19th of September in Old Market Quarter from 10am to 10pm. During this period the IC-Visual Lab office will be open to the public for guidance and information (58 Old Market Street BS2 OER).
































For this one day event IC- Visual Lab is organising three different activities:



This takes the form of a free photography event following the theme “Community”. From 10am to 10pm participants of this event can capture the everyday life of The Old Market Community. The participants can choose to photograph their homes, gardens, work places and streets. etc The activity is open for everybody; photographers and non-photographers, locals and the wider public. Instructions and map will be provided in IC- Visual Lab office (58 Old Market Street) during the event.

Participants can then upload their images to a dedicated website www.icvl.co.uk/10to10 which will be available during the day. Our editors will select the final images that shall be uploaded to the project’s online archive. The IC-Visual Lab office will also contain facilities for downloading the images from cameras as well.

Up and coming photographers invited by One Giant Arm (OGA) will also be invited to come along during the day to take their own view of the area.

The final images will then become part of the online archive and will be published in a photo booklet co- edited with OGA.

– The Pop Up Portrait Studio

Kirsty Mackay, a professional photographer will be taking portraits, in a mobile portrait studio, of passers by in Old Market. The participants will be able to get their prints afterwards at Clifton Colour.

– Digitising old photographs and family albums

This event offers the opportunity to the public to bring along their old photographs and family albums related to Old Market to be digitised. The activity will review the past of the area, trying to find unique events that took place and recording the stories behind them.  The digitising studio will be based in ICVL office (58 Old Market St).

Old Market Quarter has been selected for this project as it is one of Bristol’s fastest growing communities with residents originating from over forty different countries. Yet, Old Market, with its changing worlds and its connected histories, hasn’t ever had its stories told. Via the interventions of the IC Visual Lab collective of photographers and local participants Old Market  will act as a catalyst to construct living archive of the area that will enable and enhance greater community cohesion, both within the local community itself but also within greater Bristol as a whole.


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